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Ariyanna Spa at Casa Colombo

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Relaxing Massages

Balinese Massage

A unique combination of Balinese techniques, acupressure & muscle manipulation in a harmony of movement for the entire body. 

Duration: 60min

Swedish Massage

A massage done with the aid of oils, incorporating long, smooth, slow strokes, creating a very relaxing experience. 

Duration: 60min

Aromatherapy Massage

Expert techniques are used to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy. Learn safe massage techniques to ensure a comfortable pregnancy & an easy delivery. 

Duration: 60min

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle massage created to soothe & revitalize the mind & body, using a blend of Aromatherapy & essential oils. 

Duration: 60min

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful massage for your head, neck, shoulders, arms & upper back. This will stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp, nourishing it & improving hair growth. This treatment is also affective in relaxing headaches. 

Duration: 30min.

Stress Free Back Massage

Feel the tension in your shoulders, neck & lower back melt away with this relaxing massage, where the areas of focus will be customized according to your needs. 


4-Hands Massage

Two therapists working in unison to give you a deeply relaxing, sensual massage. 

Duration: 60min

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