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Ariyanna Spa at Casa Colombo

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Facials & Hair Treatment

Aroma Facial

Retreat into the arms of Mother Nature to experience the healing powers of reflexology coupled with a scalp massage using the purest Essential Oils. No machines are used in this treatment which relies on the healing touch of the therapist alone. 

Duration: 60min.

Collagen Facial

A special treatment to fortify your precious skin with Collagen, which is a vital protein in skin tissue. Choose from four Masques the one best suited to smother your skin with rich nourishment and well deserved indulgence. 

Duration: 60min.

Botanical Hair Spa

This treatment is customized to meet your individual hair and scalp needs. Fresh seasonal ingredients such as Carrot & Avocado, along with Essential Oils are massaged into the scalp and hair nourishing and strengthening, while relieving headaches, migraines and mil insomnia. 

Duration: 60min.

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