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Ariyanna Spa at Casa Colombo

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Body Treatments


Aloe Vera Scrub

This super moist scrub begins with a body polish of Aloe Vera, mineral salt & essential oils that exfoliate the skin toe to top. After a quick rinse, followed by application of moisturizer where your skin feels smooth, nourished and moisturized.Duration: 30min

Sandalwood Scrub

A mixture of Sandalwood & Oil is applied on the body, & peeled off, leaving a layer of smooth, glowing skin.Duration: 30min.

Sandalwood & Turmeric Scrub

Specially blend of spices Sandalwood and Turmeric scrub where it will remove all impurities and dead skin cells. It will leave your skin tone, supple and pampered.Duration: 30min

Traditional Wraps

Ginger & Honey Wrap

This treatment is used for detoxification or removal of body toxins. The main ingredient is Ginger which contains anti-oxidants that help the body to sweat, pushing those nasty toxins out through the skin.Duration: 30min

Aromatic Mud & Honey Wrap

Ancient anti-fatigue therapy! Begin this body ritual with synchronized body brushing and bathe yourself in holistic Mud. Rich in minerals and Essential Oils, it promotes healing while alleviating fatigue, aches, and pain. Experience this phenomenal time proven anti-stress therapy used since ancient times for a complete renewal.Duration: 45min

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